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Arts Council is a club for anybody who is interested in promoting and planning events for the school that involve the arts (music, drama, visual arts dance etc)! Our goal is to make the school a better environment through promoting the arts, and you will have the fantastic opportunity to run events and earn volunteer hours. Some activities we plan on running this year include an Artist of the Month award, painting wall murals, and Music Madness Week.

Arts Council

We organize special sporting events such as student teacher sporting events, inside ride and assist with pink events. We also organize ridge wear and the athletic banquet.

Athletic Council

We are a club that works to raise awareness to help empower young girls and women in developing countries in the world. Young girls in these countries are denied the right to go to school, are forced to marry , live in poverty and are denied many human rights just because they're girls. We want to raise awareness about this in the school and the community and encourage people to help. This is a great way to get involved at the Ridge, as we have events planned throughout the year ! Our 2 main events so far are Karaoke night in May and the Take Back the Night walk in December. We are also planning to have a stand at this year's Pink Football game. There are more events to come during the year.

Because I am a Girl

Chess is a way to sharpen your analyzing, strategizing and logical thinking skills. It is a fun and interactive game that everybody can join in. We provide chessboards and pieces as well as tips on how to improve your chess game. This year we would like to start a chess club and are planning on hosting events such as tournaments, as well as chess challenges and puzzles. We are hoping to spark an interest of chess in students.

Chess Club

This club is letting students know well about the Chinese culture. They can learn from us what they want to know, and it is a great opportunity to know more about Chinese culture.

Chinese Culture Club

Concert Choir is a performance choir open to all students of the Ridge! We look for exciting opportunities to share music with our fellow students, the Oakville community, and beyond!

Concert Choir

DECA is the largest youth business organization in Ontario. IRHS DECA is a large and growing club where members would participate and compete in an event of their choice. DECA is a great way to meet lots of other people with similar interest across Ontario and to apply your business skills in the real life world through a case study. There are 3 levels of competition: regional in Hamilton in November, provincial for 2 days in Toronto in February and also Internationals (ICDC) in Anaheim, California for a week. Learn more about us at our website:


In Discovery club, members will discuss fascinating current advances in science and technology. This will push students to go beyond the classroom, and enable them to discovery alternative topics that may align with their interests more than the traditional science classroom content. This will allow students to explore interesting topics like: CRISPR (genetics), gravitational waves, and Elon Musk's plans for interplanetary travel.


DOE is an international program created by the Duke of Edinburgh, the program includes four categories known as volunteering, physical exercise, skill and adventurous journey. Duke of Edinburgh is powerful for your development because it teaches you skills that are crucial to your survival, as you will have the opportunity to go on an adventurous journey. It will also help you to adopt personality traits all future employers will want such as dedication, stamina, initiative and much more.

Duke of Edinburgh

F1 in Schools is an engineering, design, and business competition. Students will form teams to build their own miniature Formula One cars. Teams will also get the chance to race against other teams in the regional and international level. F1 in Schools is a great opportunity for students interested in engineering and design to explore their abilities. It is also a platform for students in interested in business to apply their marketing skills through team promotion as well as sponsorship promotion. The main goal of the club is to keep track and make sure all participating teams are on the same page. All grades are welcome!

F1 in Schools

This club is a celebration of fandoms, for anybody who wants to come during lunch and watch different tv shows. All are welcome!

Fandom Club

Our main goal is to raise awareness about current global issues. We do this by connecting with other clubs/organizations, fundraising for and organizing events to maximize the global, as well as community impact of students at IRHS.

Global Issues

HOSA is a health science focused competition. It provides members with a wide range of different events to choose from such as medical terminology, emergency readiness, and leadership skills. (See the whole list is on the website: HOSA is great opportunity for students to learn more about their interested field and get a real world experience by doing a case study. Members will be competing during the two-day annual HOSA spring conference in March in University of Toronto.


Interact is a Rotary based club that focuses on community service on a local, national and international level, all while having fun! Example events include the International Service Trip, Spaghetti Dinner, and Bake Sales. Come to the meetings if you want to have fun while doing good things for the community! Visit our website at


This is a competitive dance team/club where we work on flexibiltity, skill and choreography. We plan to compete at 2 competitions this school year as well as do a school performance at the winter concert. This club is a great oppurtunity to learn new dance routines, practice technique, and make new friends!

IRHS Competitive Dance Team

The Mock Trial team is a competitive team that takes the law to the next level! Using a criminal case chose by the Ontario Justice and Education Network, team members compete both within Halton and against neighbouring regions for awards and designations. Mock Trial season begins in April of every school year.

IRHS Mock Trial Team

A new and exciting fantasy baseball league using OOTP17. This club gives you the chance to run a real-life major league team so you call the shots!

IRHS Baseball League

This club is all about trivia! We will practice weekly, and there are a few Halton-wide competitions throughout the year that we will participate in. It's like jeopardy-- all types of trivia questions are asked! And we use buzzers! We welcome all interested grade 9 or 10 students.

Junior Reach (Trivia) Team

Have tough questions about life, love or God? Maybe you know God already and want to be with others who know Him too. If you answered yes to any of this then Lighthouse is for you! All are welcome!

Lighthouse Christian Club

Manga club is for anybody who is interested in Japanese animation or comics! We aim to create a fun and safe space for people to watch anime, read manga, play video games and socialize. This year we plan on organizing anime movie nights, and our annual trip to the Anime North convention in Toronto.

Manga Club

This club is intended for those who are inspired by and interested in mathematics. We will be registering for all kinds of math contests across the country.

Math Contest Club

Medlife is an international organisation that helps raise money for low income communities around the world in order to improve their access to Medicine, Education and further development in their communities. We are planning to have a bake sale, raffles, and spread awareness through promotional videos.

Med Life

The IRHS Model United Nations is a great way to engage in enriching debate about current global events. Following the procedure of the actual United Nations, Model UN gives students a chance to expand on their public speaking skills as well a be more globally aware. We also organize our yearly Halton Model UN Conference in partnership with St. Ignatius of Loyola Secondary School in Oakville towards the end of March.

Model United Nations

We believe that education can be seen through many different manners such as movies and shows. We wanted to give students a chance to relax during break and watch a fun show whilst still learning something new.

Movie Club

The Ontario Student Leadership Conference is the largest leadership conference in the province and is held at Niagara Falls in November. Students apply to join the team from IRHS attending the conference to build their leadership skills and become leaders who can make an impact on the school community.

Ontario Student Leadership Conference

The Pink Campaign runs a variety of events, including Pink in the Rink and the annual Pink Football Game, raising money and awareness in support of breast cancer research.

Partners in Pink Campaign

Appointments can be booked for your desired course/subject so that we can assign a dedicated tutor to the student to help with their academics and succeed in their courses! Peer tutors also gain volunteer hours and valuable experience.

Peer Tutoring

Ping pong club is for all ages and sizes at the Ridge. Coming to the club can help you reduce stress and increase your focus. Ping pong is not a very physical sport, it can be very light or hardcore depending on how you play. Bring your own paddle in if you want. Join us for an hour in the forum after school on Wednesday's for both non competitive and competitive ping pong. And plus, it is free to join, no need to even write your name down

Ping Pong Club

Q and A is a safe space for everyone. We plan events to raise awareness for LGBT issues and communities as well as simply offer other members any support they may need. You don't need to be LGBT to come out to this club ;)

Q and A

To allow high school students to discuss, cope and work through stressful situation among their both academic and personal life. Week by week.


Ridge Code is a programming club for coders of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, all are welcome. Laptops are recommended but not required. We teach programming through fun coding activities every lunch.

Ridge Code

Ridge Debate Club is dedicated to the discussion and debate of current economic, political, and cultural events. Come join us to discuss why Donald Trump is a thing, the rise of China as a global superpower, or how Harambe represents the Ameican dream. We debate in BP, CP, and WSDC styles; and work with the Adduco Debate Academy to attend major tournaments at McGill University, Queen's University, the University of Toronto, and even Harvard College.

Ridge Debate Club

Ridge Med is a new organization for students interested in biology and medicine. The club will simultaneously focus on fundraising and community outreach for medical-related charities while raising awareness for a variety of biological and medical concepts.

Ridge Med

Ridge Physics is dedicated to the exploration of the nature of the universe, and the promotion of physics at the Ridge. Anyone who is interested in the natural sciences is encouraged to come and learn with us. Club activities will regularly include discussion groups, lab experiments, problem solving challenges, research seminars, workshops, and much more. We also offer study help for any current physics students and AP Physics examinees. All grades and levels of expertise are welcome, so come and do some physics!

Ridge Physics

Ridge Report is Iroquois Ridge High School's official online newspaper. Our dedicated team of writers, editors, and photographers work together to create a variety of news content in school events, world news, pop culture and more for the consumption of the Iroquois Ridge student body. If you enjoy writing, reporting, photography, or IT, our door is always open. To see our online newspaper, check out

Ridge Report

Are you interested in technology? Ridge Tech Under 20 is a supportive tech/business community of youth under the age of 20. We meet every Friday in room 228 to organize events, workshops, and programs for the tech community. All are welcome! Learn more:

Ridge TU20

Welcoming all new Gr.10-12 students to the school and helping them get integrated. Providing social and academic support to new students.

Ridge United Crew

Our club is a safe space for all students to come together and discuss issues related to diversity, gender and sexuality. We will work together to raise awareness surrounding issues that affect the LGBTQ community.

Safe Space

This club is all about trivia! All grade 11 and 12 students are welcome to join. It's a competitive, but VERY fun group of students who like answering all sorts of trivia questions (like jeopardy). There are a few Halton-wide competitions throughout the year, and the top Halton team is guaranteed a spot at the provincial finals.

Senior Reach (Trivia) Team

The Smash club is a club where people can play video games while socializing. For those of us who love to play video games, it can feel very isolating not being able to play with other people, so playing together in a competitive multiplayer game (Super Smash Brothers), learning about a new game and meeting new people is a great way to play, especially for grade 9's who are still a bit shy. A casual environment that the Smash club provides allows for less segregation between the grades, as it doesn't matter what your age or grade is when you're playing a game that all can enjoy. If there are enough people who participate, we plan on hosting tournaments in the name of friendly competition and cookies/baked goods (for participants).

Smash Club

Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

Student Council

Student Voice is dedicated to encouraging Ridge students to become student leaders and to voice their opinions to enrich the school community. We promote student engagement and leadership through our events including the Coffeehouse in November, Grade 8 BRidge Day Conference in April, Leadership Banquet in May, and our bi-monthly Student Trailblazer Achievement Recognition Award program. To learn more about us, check out our website at!

Student Voice

We are the Green Team and our purpose is to promote environmental stewardship at Iroquois Ridge. Join us if you want to learn more about the environment and make an impact!

The Green Team

The loudspeakers is a club that provides three enriching programs giving opportunities and options for all students of IRHS who are interested in improving their public speaking skills. Whether you want to stop mumbling and saying filler words in school presentations or start being recognized for your public speaking skills nationally, we have something for you.

The IRHS Loudspeakers

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Fall Fest
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